Belo got married. He and Maud Jacquet tied the knot on Saturday April 18 during a private ceremony in Thomassin. The ceremony was simple, beautiful and natural. Free from trappings or formalities, it was more about expressing their love for one another in front of those they hold dearest to them than anything else. The bridal party at Hotel Montana was made up of a small group of people, closest family and friends including Fabrice Rouzier, Keke Belizaire, Hurbain Charles and Muriel Leconte, the maid of honor. Belo’s older brother and manager Charlot Murat admitted to Showbiz that the artist was “perplexed” by the media’s interest in his marriage, and that he didn’t want the ceremony to be seen as Belo event, rather as Jean Belony Murat. Belo and Maud have been dating for three years, and their appearances at some cultural events in Haiti have raised questions in the media and in their friends’ inner circle about their engagement.

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