Charles Henri Baker, born in Bourdon, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 50 years ago, is running today for the office of President of the Republic of Haiti.

He has been married since 1975, he is the father of four children and is also a grandfather. He holds a degree in Business Administration from St. Leo College in Florida , and is an avid soccer player, who was once center back of the Bolide Club of Port-au-Prince. He was also a first dan, black belt karate instructor.

At 21, Baker was the manager of a 41-hectare farm, the Habitation Dujour in Croix des Bouquets, where sugar cane, banana and tobacco are grown. Under his visionary leadership, it quickly expands to 80 hectares, and becomes the largest Flue cured tobacco farm in the country.

His designation as Assistant Leaf Growing Manager at the “Comme Il Faut” company gives him the opportunity to travel throughout the country, to see it up close (option: to really get to know it) and to fall in love with it.

In late 1988, he ventured into the assembly industry, and worked with a number of large corporations, created some 350 jobs in Haiti. In 2001, he was elected Vice Chair of the Association of Industries of Haiti (ADIH).

Very early, he develops an interest in politics, declares his opposition to the dictatorship, gets involved with political parties and emerges as a leader of the Civil Society movement during the historical GNB mobilization. He also openly voices his disappointment with the transitional government.

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