Some 22 months ago a 45 years old, less than two years U.S. senator from Illinois, assembled, in Springfield, several thousands of enthusiastic followers to announce his candidacy as president of the United States. On this cold February 10, 2007, Senator Barak Obama choose to stand on the esplanade of the Old State Capitol Building to make his historic announcement. His campaign call for action was The Audacity of Hope.
Contrary to what his several opponents repeatedly pretended during the primaries and after the democratic convention, Barack Obama has demonstrated his competence and knowledge as a community organizer, an editor of the Harvard Law Revue, and as a skilful state and U.S. senator who has kwon very early how to surround himself with young competent staffers and to administer his offices and his campaigns successfully.
For example, a look at his first 15 highest-paid Senate staffers in Washington and Illinois shows six are black, two are Asian-American, five are white, one is Hispanic and one is Indian-American. Obama’s staff of political professionals will grow as he staffs up his national campaign headquarters in Chicago and hires operatives in the early primaries and subsequently. One particular characteristic of his selection is the high caliber and the diversity of his team with which he remains in daily contact, regardless where he may be.
Very early in the Senate, Obama impressed his colleagues by his directness, his views, his articulation to defend what he think is right, but also his willingness to cooperate, above partisanship, for the good of an idea or a legislation. It was not surprising that when he decided to run for the presidency and after his success in the primaries, he found the endorsement of all the Senate and House Democrats and even the encouragement of some Republicans.
Now, without denying his father’s Black African origin, acknowledging his mother’s White Kansas ancestry and venerating his White grandmother devoted contribution to his successful upbringing, Barak Obama is highly qualified to stand tall and exercise with pride his constitutional function as Chief Executive of these United States, and to lead its divers people in the path of productive change.
The large number of Americans of all ages, races, gender, origins, sexual preferences, and others who have given their time, energy, financial contributions and expertise to his campaign is a testimony to the values he represents, the strength and character of his personality and his ability to lead. This is why he counts among his economic, security, and foreign relations advisors the most proven competencies in these fields.
Yesterday, Barak Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States, culminating his audacity of hope into a victory for change. However, as he said so often himself whatever accomplishments his government may realize during the next four years, he cannot do it by himself. Regardless the number of competent advisers and collaborators he will have, the new president will need the support and the dedication of each and everyone of us, as he said himself, in an outstanding and inspirational speech, that he concluded saying together we can!

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