Showing at Cine du Parc on April 20th in Paris, “Eat This is My Body” has sold out for a weeklong viewing. Produced by Quay Michelange, the film is quietly confident visual poem to Haiti and its turbulent history, “Eat, for This Is My Body” is a solid achievement in avant-garde ethnographic formalism that’s far too experimental for multiplex crowds but has found tolerant, appreciative aesthetes via word-of-mouth at fests, specialty programs and on disc. The film tells the story of a white woman, who in her colonial fantasy teach and feed the masses left in some spiritual suffering. In 2004, Quay Michelange had produced “L’Évangile du Cochon Créole” a short film that was selected in Cannes Festival, and later received the Best Short Film Award at the Festival de Locarno. Last year, “Eat, For This is My Body” was rreviewed at Toronto Film Festival.

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