Speaking four languages fluently is definitely a plus, and it does open more doors to Haitian-Canadian Tetchena Belange who got a new acting role in the Canadian Television sitcom “Da Kink in my hair” that began airing in Toronto’s Global TV February 12. The show stars Ordena Stephens as Novelette “Letty” Campbell, the Caribbean-Canadian owner of a hair salon in Toronto. Trey Anthony, the writer of the original play on which the series was based, also stars as Letty’s sister Joy. The original cast also included Ngozi Paul, Richard Fagon, Natalie Johnson and Conroy Stewart. In season 2, the role of Dre was recast and Daniel J. Gordon assumed the role created by Stewart. Bellange’s acting resume includes a role in “The Day after tomorrow”, “Rumors”, “Gentleman”.

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