As many of you know, I truly believe that food can turn any occasion into something spectacular. And this weekend proved once again that my philosophy around food holds true. I had one of my many weekend getaways this past Sunday. It’s rare that I have a free Sunday, so a friend and I decided to take the day to visit a couple of friends in Massachusetts. Lucky for us, we found ourselves in a real life soccer match right in Cambridge, MA. In the middle of world cup hysteria as Mexico took a horrible beating from Argentina, we found ourselves as spectators in a less high profile, but just as exciting game. We relished at the thought of an afternoon of camaraderie, laughs and of course good old fashion football- in the world sense of the word-not the American sense.

Upon arriving on the field however, we realized the water and Gatorade available was not going to cut it. We completely forgot about our tummies. So as the teams set up and prepped for battle, we headed to the supermarket. When time is not on your side, and there’s no stove near by, a good old fashion picnic always does the trick. Though we did not have picnic favorites of sandwiches, baked ham, or potato salads, we ended up having an amazing food experience with our supermarket, no cook finds. Check it out!

Soccer Field Picnic Menu


Sparkling Cider (no alcohol on the field)

Ocean Spray Cran-Peach Juice

Sparkling Water

The Meal

Brie (This is the best cheese ever invented)

Green/Red Seedless Grapes

Tasty Herbed Crackers

Sweet Ripe Cherries

French bread



The Wares

Disposable knife for the brie

Disposable table cloth

Mini plates




Of course being the caterer that I am, I could not help feeling the desire to purchase a nice platter and laying out everything nicely. And oh yeah, we purchased a disposable cloth to lay out on the grass.

I always say, the food experience starts with presentation, thus it is important that we please our eyes first then our palates. Eating your grapes laid out on a nice tray next to a beautiful triangle of brie and aromatic bread does wonders for the senses before the food even hits your tongue.
The $31.65 we spent on our picnic was well worth it. And, our team won!

Nadege Fleurimond is the owner & business manager of Fleurimond Catering, Inc.,, an off-premise catering firm serving the NY/NJ/CT/MA areas. She is also the author of a Taste of Life: A Culinary Memoir, a humorous and heart warming compilation of recipes and funny anecdotes. (

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