Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always been passionate about health, beauty and fitness; I just didn’t realize it until very recently. I just thought everyone researched foods and exercise and beauty regimens just as intensely as I did. If I was sick, I’d get antibiotics from the doctor but still look up home remedies and the causes for my sicknesses. You can only imagine the look and responses from my parents when I would ask for some flax seeds or peppermint oil. “For what? Just drink your medicine and forget that nonsense.” I remember I would always go for walks with my grandmother, telling her things like “it’ll help prevent your muscles from atrophy”. My grandmother barely spoke English so you can only imagine her response. I just wanted her to be better.

And with beauty I was no different. I’m always looking for what’s next or new; mainly because I get bored with things easily. I remember once my brother’s hair turned out blonde and we both got into big trouble. I’ve done it all with my own hair from a Mohawk to a Jheri Curl. I’ve come up with all types of concoctions for my skin, soaks for my body, conditioners for my hair. I have a knack for getting involved in all kinds of craziness. And I’ve learned a lot from my experiences including the fact that washing eggs out of my hair is not easy and honey and oil don’t mix as well as you’d think and rubbing salt on your skin kinda hurts. I’m never afraid to dive in and try something to see if it’ll make me better in any way.

That’s always been my goal: to be better. My aim with this column is to facilitate a dialog in our community about ways to make ourselves better in whatever way we can. I’ll be broaching a wide variety of topics from running in the park to nail polish colors. Don’t look at me as any sort of expert; I’m just the facilitator of the conversation. This will be my perspective on these topics, but I would really love to get feedback from you ranging from whether you agree or disagree or your related personal experiences or if you have other ideas you want to discuss. We’re all in this together. I hope you’ll enjoy the column and participate.

Until next time, cheers to a better you!

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