Musicians Found New Ways to Bring Entertainment to Haiti

About one hundred people gather once a week at Club Zodiac in Petion-Ville to get a music jam session known as “Ayiti Deploge”. It’s something that initiator Carel Pedre started for several weeks and finally decided to get going and continue strong. It is not only fun, but served as a trial run of sorts to see if musicians and artists of different backgrounds would hold interest to gather and showcase their talent. According to a Showbiz insider, the interest level was there again last week, and just about everybody who attended was interested in doing it again. Sweet Micky, Pouchon of Djakout Mizik, Jacques Sauveur Jean, and Eric Charles had no qualms to entertain the public in various improvisation sets. Last week’s highlight was nonetheless Sophia Martelly who had joined Micky for a singer trial. The audience was quite mixed, and people from various places just came to join in. The essence of “Ayiti Deploge” was the socializing part. The whole event was totally informal; people would talk, laugh and drink while playing, would pass instruments around, walk away to talk to other people and then come back.

Tele America Sets to Open in Florida and New York

Jean Cherubin of the Alliance Broadcasting Network, announced that he plans to open a television station “for all Haitians in America”. Discussions about the project date back many months and are still in the “infancy stage”, Cherubin told Showbiz. Cherubin plans to launch the station on the digital format, taking advantage of the technology that’s relatively less expensive than analogue. The first consumer test of Tele America could launch in a few months in South Florida, with an extension to New York. Cherubin has already made investments in radio broadcasting with the acquisition of WAVS in Davie, Florida and WSRF in Miami.

Zenglen Entangled in a Law Suit

Zenglen is involved in a lawsuit over a performance at the Al Compas Festival, slated for Fort Lauderdale on May 16. The band was warned by the producer that it would face a law suit if it did not show up, based on rumors that the band will only honor its contract with Compas Festival on the same day. Zenglen isn’t the only band being sued, but they have managed to protect themselves by filing a counter-suit against Al Compas Festival for failing to pay a deposit on time. According to the details of the legal papers, the band had given a deadline to Al Compas Festival to sign the contract, which they failed to do. People are guessing what would happen on the May 16 with the same artists booked by both events

Arnold Antonin New Flick Opens May 21

Arnold Antonin’s new flick “Les Amours d’un Zombie” with be showing on May 21 at Cine Imperial in Port-au-au-Prince. The film was shot after the success of “Le President a-ti-il le Sida”, which features Jimmy Jean-Louis. Antonin’s new film is written by Gary Victor. The producer and actors will walk the red carpet to Cine Imperial, hoping that the movie receives positive criticism, but a few who saw the trailer say it stiff and lacks Victor’s usual charismatic touches.

Jazz vocalist Pauline Jean to Grace the Stage at the UN

Haitian Jazz Vocalist Pauline Jean will perform at the United Nations May 22. The world organization is proud to announce this global event featuring an array of special guests including Jean, whose music has inspired millions of people. Jean’s repertoire consists of original compositions, unique arrangements of the standards, blues and traditional Afro-Haitian music fused with jazz. Her musical renditions are performed both in English and in kreyòl. Jean’s velvet husky contralto instantly garners comparisons to legendary vocalists such as Sarah Vaughan, Nina Simone, Toto Bissainthe, to name a few.

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