I thought I would take a break from the wedding series just a bit to wish you all a happy New year. This time of year always has me all up in smiles because I truly see it as a new beginning. A time to do all the stuff I was supposed to do last year but didn’t get done, but is hopefully that they will get done this year. So I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of my 2011 Goals with you as they relate to food and entertainment. Hopefully in looking at my goals, realize I didn’t say resolutions, you will create just 1 or 2 fun eating, dieting, or party goals of your own. I like the word goal because I feel it is more definite. With goals there’s no ends, ifs, or buts. It is something that must be accomplished.
2011 Goals!
Fleurimond Catering, Inc.’s Annual Food Showcase
My annual food showcase is something that I always look forward to planning. It is usually an opportunity for me to go beyond the food and truly focus on bringing a complete package together. Our Masquerade theme in 2010 was a big hit, so this year I have to figure out how to go even greater. Thus my goal this year with Fleurimond Catering’s annual food showcase is to bring on real fanfare and excitement. I want an evening that will be interactive, fun and festive. A suivre. The reveal is coming within 2 weeks.
Want to see Haitian Food in the print Media
I have always tried and strived to put bring Haitian food in all circles and arenas. I will be working on ensuring that 2011 allows us the opportunity to see our food focused even more than before. 2011 brought us some great exposure on the Food Network, Manouchka Guerrier is a chef on the hit show Private Chef’s of Hollywood, I made my appearance on Chopped and Tap Tap was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Lets work on the print media for 2011
Every year I make these goals, and I rarely ever do it to the extent I want to, but because I put it on my task list, every once in a while I see it and adhere to it. I am a strong believer in quantifying things. It is the only way I get things done. I put a number and a time on almost everything I want to get.
I want to cook more for myself. 2 times per week
I want to explore more cuisines. I want to perfect at least 4 new Asian dishes by July, 31st 2011
I want to attend at least 2 Food Expo by October 31st, 2011
I want to do at least 2 dinner parties for friends and family-1 summer, 1 winter
Try vegetarianism for a 2 full months

I love doing these things because they get my year going right. Once I know where I want to head, I can start breaking them down into smaller little monthly and weekly things I need to do in order to ensure I stay on track. I accomplish a good 75% of my yearly goals. That is simply because I run my life the same way I run my business. If I don’t do it, no one else will. With that mentality, you are more likely to succeed. Try it this year. Write it down!
Nadege Fleurimond is the owner & business manager of Fleurimond Catering, Inc., an off-premise catering firm serving the NY/NJ/CT/MA areas. She is also the author of a Taste of Life: A Culinary Memoir, a humorous and heart warming compilation of recipes and funny anecdotes. (http://www.nadegefleurimond.com)
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