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Haiti Fashion Week Kicks Off In A Few Days

Haiti Fashion Week Kicks Off In A Few Days

By Rachele Viard

Haiti Fashion Week begins on Nov. 5 with the theme this year Nourrir Haïti (Nurture Haiti).

France, which is well known for its mega fashions houses, and is a reference in international fashion, is the country of honor this year. It will be represented by a cross section of professionals. The guest of honor is prominent Haitian-Italian designer Stella Jean.

Ditching The Layers: David Tlale Unveils FW15 Collection

Ditching The Layers: David Tlale Unveils FW15 Collection

By Melissa Bernier

The Haitian Times had an all-access pass to South African designer David Tlale’s FW15 show at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week! The show was spectacular and everything that you would expect of a New York Fashion Week show.

His take on fall and winter clothing ditches the layers, and focuses on sexy clothing that is intended to make a statement in a big way. . The dominant color of David Tlale’s FW15 line is black – but done up in a way that that is ultra luxe. Rich fabrics such as silk crepe, silk textured brocade, and textured cement wool are adorned with ostrich feathers, copper lurex and black leather detailing.

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  • Designer David Tlale (center)
  • Designer David Tlale (center)
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David Tlale FW15 Fashion Show

South African designer David Tlale presented his FW15 collection during Mercedes Benz fashion week at Lincoln Center on Feb. 15. The collection focused on statement-making, sexy clothing that featured rich fabrics with intricate details.