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Creole Image Honors Highlights Success in Haitian Community

On Oct. 8, ten Haitian Americans were honored  at an award ceremony in Passaic, NJ for their achievements in their respective fields. The first annual Creole Image Honors presented awards to: Wil Sylvince, a comedian and actor; Bergeson Leneus, president of the East Orange Board of Education; Stephan B. Durand, world-renowned chef;  Hon. Sybil M….


Kreyol La Takes The Prize At Annual Haitian Labor Day Fest

On Sept. 2, Kreyol La won the first ever Haitian Labor Day Fest competition. Venus International Productions, Harmon Linder & Rogowsky, and Madame Gougouse hosted the annual musical showcase on Sept. 2 Eisenhower Park on Long Island. This was the first year the annual festival featured a contest between the bands and performers, where the winner took home $10,000.


Garry Pierre-Pierre Talks Summer Youth Jobs

On this edition of Independent Sources, hosted by Garry Pierre-Pierre, we talk about a proposed plan to overhaul the city’s summer jobs program to provide paid jobs for the more than 100,000 high schoolers looking for employment each summer. We learn about an Internet campaign that’s fighting back against colorism in the Indian community. Then…

Haitian-American cop blows the whistle
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Haitian-American cop blows the whistle

Last month, Raymond opened up to the New York Times about his experiences and the unethical practices taking place in the NYPD. Since his story broke, the community has rallied behind him, calling for an investigation into his allegations. He is being revered in the community for his courage to stand up and alone to…

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