4 Questions With New Xavier University President
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4 Questions With New Xavier University President

What led you to pursue your career?

It was passion that led me to my career; passion that was nurtured and not allowed to wither.

I am forever grateful to those who fed those small flames. I have always loved science and its methods of discovery. Even at a young age, I dismantled toys and discarded devices seeking to comprehend their inner workings. The toys were most often mine but at times they were those of my siblings. Nurturing this inner passion was the encouragement of my parents. They taught us to value all learning and knowledge, whether in the art and letters, in politics, history, biology or astronomy.

9 Gifts For Your Valentine
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9 Gifts For Your Valentine

By Melissa P. Bernier

Roses are red; violets are blue; sugar is sweet; what am I buying my boo?

Valentine’s Day – the most loved (or loathed) day of the year. Whether you have just started dating someone or you have been married for years, the question of what to get your beloved can be a tricky one. Have no fear…here are some suggestions on what to get your sweetheart to make your V-day the sweetest it can be. Did I mention that all of these gifts are made by Haitian-Americans!

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