Barack Obama and the Myth of Black Leadership

By Jean McGianni Celestin For many Americans, Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney was a monumental accomplishment. It alleviated the qualms of those dealing with unemployment and unaffordable healthcare, and insured personal liberties like women’s right-to-choose and same-sex marriages would receive more thoughtful deliberation at the federal level.


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Economic Empowerment: Take Control of Your Finances

What affects every aspect of a person’s life – from education to health, from career to relationships? It’s only one word, and two syllables – money. When the topic of money is presented, temperatures arise, pulse rates increase, and people shift in their seats. The subject causes discomfort for most individuals. They never have enough...
Ayiti Chic

Know Who You Are: Facing Criticism

There’s a Haitian proverb that says, “Pa achte figi moun.” In essence it means, “Don’t try to flatter people.” The proverb admonishes to never demean ourselves to obtain worth and value in the sight of others. The proverb also underscores that we will go mad if we try to please people. No matter what you...



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How to Strategically Grow Your Law Business

Some top law firms started out in small offices with a couple of small time clients – but with a bit of effort, they’ve managed to grow their value from $1 million to $500 million in a couple of years. It might not sound possible, but it has been done before. If you run a...

The Ultimate Guide to Adding Value to Your Home

Do you want to quickly work your way up the property ladder? All you need to do is maximize the value of your current property. We are therefore offering some top tips on how to add value to your home. Fix Structural Issues Many homeowners often look for ways to make cosmetic changes to their...
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Creole Image Honors Highlights Success in Haitian Community

On Oct. 8, ten Haitian Americans were honored  at an award ceremony in Passaic, NJ for their achievements in their respective fields. The first annual Creole Image Honors presented awards to: Wil Sylvince, a comedian and actor; Bergeson Leneus, president of the East Orange Board of Education; Stephan B. Durand, world-renowned chef;  Hon. Sybil M....

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How Haiti Became a Tourist Destination for Jazz Music Lovers Around the Globe

Years after a devastating earthquake decimated much of Haiti’s already fragile infrastructure, a small, vibrant institution in Port-au-Prince has emerged as a shining example of the country’s immense potential and is putting Haiti on the map as a worldwide tourist destination for Jazz music festivals. Founded in 2007 by legendary singer and percussionist Joel Widmaier,...