Chargé D’Affaires Of The United States Embassy Visits Haiti

Bus Runs Over At Least 34 People In Northern Haiti


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Brace Yourself Haiti

By Jocelyn McCalla ]Haitians can say goodbye to Temporary Protected Status (TPS). In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, President Barack Obama saw fit to use his discretion to grant this exceptional status to Haitians stranded in the US because of the extensive damage suffered by their country. The operative keyword is discretionary authority. At his discretion the president can grant TPS for a period of 18 months -- which Obama did in 2010 -- and extend this status for another 18 months or less depending on whether conditions in the country under consideration have sufficiently improved to allow an orderly return of the individual beneficiaries. President Trump is unlikely to extend TPS further for Haitians. In fact, he is unlikely to extend TPS for many other nationals who have benefited from such a measure.
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Caribbean Version of Vagina Monologues Highlights Domestic Violence In Haitian Community

By Fabienne Colas Haiti is known for many things; for its food, its music, its art and its people, who stay continuously resilient in the face of political and socioeconomic turmoil. However one aspect of Haitian culture that is kept in the shadows, is the misogynic ideals that are interwoven in the culture, and rears itself in various forms of abuse against women.
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Surround Yourself With Positivity

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. –HELEN KELLER Have you ever been around someone who complains non-stop and points out every single thing that’s wrong or could go wrong? They always hope for the worst and assume awful things about people. They place the blame on the world for...
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An Ode to Haitian President Rene Preval

By Garry Pierre-Pierre PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti –  The news came sudden and spread as quickly as a wildfire. Rene Garcia Preval had passed away at his home in Laboule. Preval was at once an iconic, historic and complex figure in Haitian politics. I know I will miss him. Preval was a towering figure in Haiti’s political...
Ayiti Chic

Discover Your Purpose: Use What You Have

I had the great honor of meeting the legendary and international Haitian Singer/Superstar, Emeline Michel, at the “Voices from Haiti: Artists as Activists” Panel Discussion on Thursday, March 2, 2017. It was hosted by CUNY Haitian Studies Institute at Brooklyn College. I came across the event through social media, and I decided to go because...



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By Francesca Andre On March 3 Haitian singers Anie Alerte and Riva Nyri Précil brought their jazz-infused Kreyol music to Brooklyn Academy of Music's BAMcafé in honor of Women's History Month.