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Hundreds of Haitians Protest Government Corruption

PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP): Hundreds of Haitian opposition activists took to the streets of Port-au-Prince on Saturday to protest the army’s remobilisation and government corruption. While there were no immediate reports of injuries, protesters burned tires, blocked roads and set fire to a truck carrying refrigerators. Some banged on percussion instruments. “We don’t want this army of...



Viv Manno Charlemagne, Long Live the Haitian Poor

By Celucien L. Joseph, PhD Haiti has lost one of its most important human rights advocates, freedom fighters, public intellectuals, and anti-dictator and American empire thinkers in the second half of the 20th century: Emmanuel “Manno” Charlemagne. Emmanuel Charlemagne (1948-2017), also known as “Manno,” was a political activist and gifted musician who boldly sang about...
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Haiti’s Folly: Bringing Back Its Army

By Garry Pierre-Pierre Haiti’s got 99 problems but an army isn’t one. Those of you familiar with Jay Z’s version of that statement know that I’ve taken some liberty with it. So has Haitian president Jovenel Moïse, who recently unveiled a plan to reorganize Haiti’s military forces more than 20 years since it was unceremoniously...
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Transformation Begins With You

Part Four As I search what it means to be “Haitian,” I come across individuals whose gifts and talents in their respective fields gives me the opportunity to experience and relive my memories of Haiti. In this series, I will feature seven individuals. Their life’s work not only help those of Haitian descent like myself...



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How to Strategically Grow Your Law Business

Some top law firms started out in small offices with a couple of small time clients – but with a bit of effort, they’ve managed to grow their value from $1 million to $500 million in a couple of years. It might not sound possible, but it has been done before. If you run a...
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Creole Image Honors Highlights Success in Haitian Community

On Oct. 8, ten Haitian Americans were honored  at an award ceremony in Passaic, NJ for their achievements in their respective fields. The first annual Creole Image Honors presented awards to: Wil Sylvince, a comedian and actor; Bergeson Leneus, president of the East Orange Board of Education; Stephan B. Durand, world-renowned chef;  Hon. Sybil M....

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How Haiti Became a Tourist Destination for Jazz Music Lovers Around the Globe

Years after a devastating earthquake decimated much of Haiti’s already fragile infrastructure, a small, vibrant institution in Port-au-Prince has emerged as a shining example of the country’s immense potential and is putting Haiti on the map as a worldwide tourist destination for Jazz music festivals. Founded in 2007 by legendary singer and percussionist Joel Widmaier,...