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Boom Boom Entertainment Brings a Taste of Haiti to the Big Apple

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By Tadia Toussaint

Anyone who walks into Katra Lounge on a Tuesday night will find the Boom Boom girls in their Haitian designers T-shirts serving everything from tassot koden (fried turkey) to the very popular griot ban-nann peze sandwich.


The man behind the soiree- Fred D. Lhérisson Jr.

Fred Lhérisson Jr. brings Haitian culture to life in the city that never sleeps every Tuesday and Thursday.  After realizing that few to no restaurants served Haitian cuisine, Haitian alcoholic beverages, nor played Konpa in Manhattan, the Aramark sales executive gave birth to “Kompa Tuesdays.”

The sales executive often took clients out for lunch and dinner to build rapports and relationships but felt like he could never share his culture with them. 

 “It bugged me that I could not take them to a place where they could get pate and Barbancourt.” 


Tadia Toussaint

Tadia Toussaint

Tadia Toussaint is a Haitian-American journalist currently pursuing her Masters of Arts at the CUNY School of Journalism. She is a Hunter College graduate, who freelances at BRIC TV, CBS sports and is on staff as a reporter at Haitian Times, NYC News Service and Mott Haven Herald.
Tadia Toussaint
May 26, 2016

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Tadia Toussaint

Tadia Toussaint

  • Dee says:

    Love it , just love it, I presently reside in philadephia , no great venue or good Haitian restaurant where you can lounge eat enjoy great music. A place currently open in the Philadelphia area I visisted their once the dress code that people are aloud to come in the place with is horrible