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Haiti: USAID Houses Found to be of Poor Quality, Will Cost Millions to Repair


Haitian Times

Haitian Times

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Haitian Times
December 9, 2014

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  • earl kessler says:

    “They” still do not get it – not the GAO, not the IG, not USAID not the US congress and maybe not the Government of Haiti. The issue is not “the construction”; it is what was consturcted. The issue is “standards” and “approach” to shelter development. The insistence on “international standards” is absurd. “International Standards” of whom and for whom – colonialism at it worst and most wasteful? To create an island of perfection, Caracol, in a sea of chaos is just wrong. Those that came to Haiti from the State Department had no experience with Shelter; were not to be bothered with “development;” and opted to replicate the old mistakes of imposing too high a standard on projects that should have been incrementally developed to engage the families, get starter-houses to as many as possible, create employment at the local level and develop the housing over time. Incremental housing with incrementally developed services WAS the first idea. I know for I was part of the shelter team for USAID that was ignored by the political types sent “to get a job done.” The mess THEY created is the disaster – not the construction, compared to the ignorance demonstrated of how low income shelter recovery can work. Just pathetic!

  • Bill vastine says:

    Earl, succinct as usual
    All our field work was completely ignored, I agree.
    Such a fiasco

  • gerson says:

    Wow! thirty-nine thousand dollars! Do they know what that kind of money would mean to a family if it were given a sayso in how it were to be spent? Another clear example that foreign aid cannot really help a society out of crisis. Because of ignorance and corruption aid money is usually very badly spent.

    • Arlene says:

      So very sad indeed gerson. There’s a lack of compassion in the hearts of people these days. But God sees & knows all. My heart bleeds for the people of Haiti. My main concern is the education of the children, there’s USAID in place but are they being used to enroll the children.