Minister For Haitians Living Abroad Announces Integration Program For Diaspora Professionals


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November 16, 2014

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  • Nadhege Caze says:

    I think that the ministers idea is phenomenal. Much success to this pilot.

  • gerard.caneus says:

    I need Minister number to call him
    I am in Calgary Alberta CANADA

  • Philippe Monfiston says:

    How do we stay informed of program’s roll-out? Where can we find more information?

  • Fred says:

    I think it’a positive move because we are one nation wherever we are. We have a moral obligation to help the country get better. Don’t look at a small temporary picture think bigger than that.

  • jay Jules says:

    How do I Stat informed of this program?

  • Adler Eliacin says:

    You can listen to the messages of the leaders at the Third Annual NAHP Conference on Haiti Diaspora Engagement at Harvard University from our different Haitian leaders:

    Linda Dorcena Forry of the Massachusetts Senate, representing the 1st Suffolk District:

    Michaelle C. Solages represents of the 22nd district in the New York State Assembly:

    Francois Guillaume II Minister of Haitians Living Abroad:

  • piller louigens says:

    As a young architect. I am welcomed this plan .and l look forward to go back to my lovely country Haiti