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Virgin Record’s Richard Branson Announces Reforestation Project In Haiti


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The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
November 7, 2014

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  • John Armand says:

    Enjoy your hard work, keep it up. Thanks.

  • Roger Malebranche, MD, FACS says:

    Haiti was not always what it has become, the pariah of the world. I was born there in 1932 and my family used to spend time at Laboule during Summer. My aunt Jeanne Malebranche was a teacher, Church custodian (Sainte Therese) and part time nurse for the peasant population of Morne l’Hopital. Docteur Lemke, a Jewish physician who left Hitler’s Germany and settled in Haiti (The island had a number of Jewish refugees and they became part of the population) had a lush retreat up the mountain. You could smell his flower garden from miles away. The Morne was a green paradise with a well to do peasant population and vast fields of corn, millet, yam etc. Unfortunately the country never had visionary leaders. Morne l’Hopital peasants, not knowing better, used trees to make charbon et lacho (a form of whitewash). Duvalier time two, Aristide and the current crop of incompetent leaders made sure the country became the laughingstock of the world. Too bad because Haiti is a gorgeous land. I doubt I’ll ever see it back to its former glory but my thanks to Mr. Richard Branson for trying to help. I honestly feel Haiti is too good for Haitians.

    • soulshadow55 says:

      Dr. Malbranche, I understand your frustration about Haiti, your home country. However, I don’t think that Haiti is too good for Haitians. I think that Haitian leadership has failed the Haitian people. The people can only work with, and do, what they are allowed to do and what they are provided with by their leadership. Haiti has always suffered from lack of visionary leadership (not strong leadership) but leaders with long term vision for the gem that Haiti could be. They have only wanted to enrich themselves, their families and cronies and allow the people to suffer. The reason that Haiti lacks good public schools, infrastructure, clean water, good roads, etc. is not the fault of the people. It is the fault of leaders who were easily corrupted by the U.S., France and Canada. The people have used the only means left to them to make their voices heard, and that is protest, riots, destruction. When you are left with no voice you use the only thing that you have left. By no means am I saying what they have done is right, however, it is understandable. When all around you there is wealth but you continue to suffer from poverty. When leaders ignore the wishes of the people, the people will make themselves heard. There is an old saying that I think fits Haiti so well, it is “in order to lead a people, you have to love a people.” And Haitian leaders have certainly not loved the Haitian people. They have ignored them and allowed the country (meaning the people) to fall into utter despair. However, it seems that the earthquake, even with it’s terrible destruction, has brought a rebirth to Haiti that is like a tidal wave. It has washed out so much of the bad and in its place a new, clean and revitalized Haiti is taking its place. If the people are educated (which they greatly want and seem to do everything in their power to educate their children) Haiti will be reborn and the people will be renewed. If the infrastructure, the roads, bridges, electrical, internet, etc. are updated, the Haitian people will excel as they do in the U.S. The government only needs to provide and the people will advance. I could go on and on but I will end by saying, God Bless Haiti and the Haitian people. You are truly without equal.

      • Roger Malebranche, MD, FACS says:

        SoulShadow :
        I apologize for the sentence Haiti was too good for Haitians. I used it for shock effect and to convey my sadness and anger.
        1) SADNESS : I am 82 and have resigned myself to never lay eyes again on my native land. I was born in the South of the country (Anse a Veau, Saut du Baril) and for 2 years (1958-1960) was the only physician (fresh out of medical school ) for a region called La Cote, between Port Salut et la Cahouane. I know how gorgeous our country is and how undeserving Haitian politicians are to control her destiny. If there is a reincarnation I want to be reborn Haitian. I am not elitist, far from it. I ate, slept, worked with my countrymen all my life in Haiti (28 years). I love my people and know them well. Unfortunately Western democracy will not work and we should devise a political system which will be fair to all Haitians and unite them instead of having them at the throat of each other. With present Western democracy imitation the Haitian majority will keep voting demagogues in power because they are the ones they identify with, the ones who promise them the sun and the moon and the properties of the Haitian elite. That’s a destructive way to manage Haiti and Haitians . We commit political mistakes again and again. Electing Mr. Wyclef Jean president would be our worst experiment in demagogic Haitian democracy. Mr. Jean will of course woo poor, Black, uneducated Haitians, fill his coffers and retreat to Miami as many have done before him.
        2) My ANGER comes from the fact that Haiti is being sold piece by beautiful piece to foreign money people. Even Dominicans want part of the action I was told. Labadee has been for all intents sold and is looked at a different Caribbean island. Ile a Vaches is trying hard to be the next St Bart’s, Ile de La Tortue is supposed to be sold soon and I heard La Gonave was looking for potential buyers.
        After Baby Doc flew to France I packed my belongings and started inquiring about going back home. Then we had Namphy and the post Baby Doc unrest followed by Aristide, Lavalas, Pere Lebrun, kidnappings, assassinations etc. The last straw was the kidnapping and assassination of a dear cousin almost a blood brother Francois Latour. As Haitian I probably could have survived a return to the country but I had a wife and 2 children to think about and did not want to expose them to the Haitian insanity.
        I pray for Haiti and all Haitians and love them all except our corrupt politicians. I am tired of seeing my compatriots destroy each other because of incompetent and greedy Haitian politicians. The election of Mr. Jean would definitely be the straw that broke the camel’s back.
        No offense in my comments for Haiti and fellow Haitians.