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Top 3 Haitian Restaurants & Lounges In NYC


Haitian Times

Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.
Haitian Times
October 20, 2014

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  • Ruth says:

    I will love to visit these restaurants.

  • Emmanuelle Flax says:

    La Caye is great! Love it!

  • Geena G. says:

    I’ve been to all three and they are all great restos. Food is exquisite @ all three. Next time featyre Queens restos too. 🙂

  • Geena G. says:

    I’ve been to all three and they are all great restos. Food is exquisite @ all three. Next time feature Queens restos too. 🙂

  • fritz laforest says:

    Most important target is the customer service that these restaurants are doing a great job at, And we as Haitians knows that when it comes to most Haitian restaurants they have no customer service.

  • Nadege Caze says:

    I’m definitely going to stop in and treat myself. .The restaurants looks marvelous.

  • Tatiana D says:

    I have been to La Caye and Tonel. I’ve enjoyed myself at both. Chloe is next on my list soon

  • Nadou says:

    I have been to Lakay, the food is ok…. not exquisite… that is if were referring to the authentic Haitian spices. Service needs work… Haitian owners need to invest money in management and training to provide exceptional customer service… this is what ultimately drives volume and revenue!

    Tonel is a great spot, really love the ambiance and the food is very good. Again, when there is volume the service is extremely slow. Again we need to invest money and time on management to identify opportunities to improve service on high volume days where the demand for dinner is high.

    I have yet to visit Chloe and will soon.

  • Joëlle says:

    I’ve been to Lakay several times. Un délice…

  • Anaiz says:

    Yes…our Haitian people act as if they don’t owe their patrons customer service…wrong, that is why their restaurants are constantly changing ownership. This is America,”no honey, no money”

  • Maggie says:

    I have to agree with Nadou and Anaiz, Haitian restaurant service is ZERO. I am yet to go to my people restaurant to find the service excellent. The owners need to invest to provide customer service training for their employees in order for them to know how to treat the customers.

    I would go to an american restaurant and/or business and spent money that I did not intent to spend. The way they greet you and pay attention to you, you know they see GREEN but you feel so good by the treatment you end up broke.
    I always say that our people are too stingy to invest in order to make more. Most of the time, I walk out because their attitude make you feel that you came to their esthablishment to beg.

    I hope these 3 new restaurant know better. I will check all 3 and let you know what I think of them.

  • joane says:

    LA Caye was excellent .the food,the services everything.great place.

  • Ben Germain says:

    I have visited all 3 of them , they’re doing a fantastic job. My fave is Chloe , the atmosphere is more cozy and relax. I’m glad my Haitians are finally stepping their games up…

  • Randy Joseph says:

    Haven’t visited any of them yet, but I am so tempted to take my wife and taste the mouth watering menus showed on the slides. Thanks for the insight.

  • nadege says:

    The food at Lacaye was excellent. We had ordered the beef tasso, conch, griyo and creole wings and it was all perfectly cooked. Now being that the food is delicious I would suggest to make reservations to avoid waiting.

  • Junie says:

    All the Haitian restaurent need to work on they Price and they customer services. The other day I called Chloe’s to Oder something I was speaking creole to her she said sorry miss I don’t speak creole WTf

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